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14 Oct 2019

My last blog post was posted on 14th March. I was 2 training camps down, with 1 to go. I was enjoying the winter sunshine in Spain. I was in the best shape of my life, excited about the season ahead.

So what happened?

With one race outing all summer. The Helvellyn Triath...

14 Mar 2019

Last winter (the bleak winter of 2018) is etched in my memory as GRIM, with a capital G. It was snowing, a lot of the time. Was cold, a lot of the time. Was grey and damp, a lot of the time and I remember thinking, why am I not training somewhere warm and sunny?...

17 Nov 2018

A GB elite Triathlon suit has stayed under my bed, unwrapped for the last 4 years! I had been picked to race for GB in the European Elite Duathlon race in 2014, but I crashed on a training chain gang ride 10 days beforehand. Waking up in the back of an ambulance and sp...

22 Oct 2018

One of my goals for 2018, was to complete the four home nation Ironman branded 70.3 events. Staffordshire, Edinburgh, Dun Laoghaire and Weymouth.

Each one, a month apart, it would require careful planning of training, tapering and recovery. Consistency is something I ad...

20 Sep 2018

Dun Laoghaire 70.3 August 19th.

I had spent a small fortune on this super aero helmet, comes with cool visor. It was going to make me so fast, it would totally be worth the money.

I could see bugger all out of the visor, as the mist and rain came down. The camera man, st...

15 Aug 2018

 A race where Jen's Voigt's #ShutUpLegs takes on a whole new meaning.

Photo by James Mitchell. Taken on one of the 21 hair pins, that characterises the  Alpe d'Huez climb. The grimace says it all.

The famous Alpe d' huez triathlon has long been on my bucket list. Th...

21 Jul 2018

You have a pro licence in your pocket, there is a full calendar of races, all around the world. Which races do you pick to learn your craft? Courses lined by palm trees? swim's starting on golden beaches, where you can dive into turquoise blue tropical waters for the s...

27 Jun 2018

"Are you racing Slateman this year?" 

"Ummm I am not sure, I don't feel great. I tried to run yesterday, I ran for 3 minutes, then walked for 25 minutes. I felt shattered."

This was part of a conversation I had with a friend 5 days before The Always Aim High Slatema...

2 Jun 2018

I had no idea how to say "Where is the next bouy?"  in Spanish.

That wasn't in the phrase book.

"Can I order a ham sandwich, please?" That was in the phrase book. 

Fat lot of good that is for a veggie lost at sea, paddling next to a Spanish marshal sat in a kayak....

13 Apr 2018

'Its a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to' - J.R.R. Tolkien.

Dull, a Scottish village is twinned with Boring in Oregon, America. True fact. picture...

19 Feb 2018

Bib tights, thermal top, second thermal top, 2 pairs of socks, windproof top, rain coat. Bananas x2 in my back pocket, helmet on, cycle shoes, overshoes, gloves on. Need a wee.

And reverse. Jackets off, realise you need to take helmet off first, can't underdo helmet wit...

14 Nov 2017