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Suzie "World Champion" Richards...Seriously!?

June 11, 2014

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Quinoa Rainbow Salad

February 16, 2017

 Inspired by the Leon Salad Cook book that Adam's mum Jane bought us. This has become one of our favourite go to dishes. Thanks Jane.

 Ingredients- All quantities depends on how big a salad you want to make!


-Frozen peas

-Sweetcorn (frozen or tinned)


- Spinach

- Coriander and/or Mint (ideally fresh leaves)

-Lemon (fresh to squeeze over the top)



- Cook the quinoa in a pan on the hob,  cover the quinoa with water, once the water is boiled then put it on a low heat and simmer, it doesn't need long ( 15 minutes simmering or until water is absorbed)

- If using frozen peas and sweetcorn, place in water in a bowl and defrost/cook in the microwave for 5 minutes

- Chop the pomegranate into quarters and remove the seeds, this is the most time consuming part.

-Chop/tear the spinach into smaller pieces.

Once the quinoa is cooked put into a bowl, add the cooked peas/sweetcorn. Throw in the pomegranate and spinach. Chop and add in a handful of coriander and/or Mint and squeeze over some fresh lemon.


We have taken this dish round to friends houses, when, 10 minutes before leaving you realise you need to take a dish/contribution. Super quick and easy. Can have a bowl as a snack or a plate as a meal or acts as a side as part of another meal.





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